Are you looking for the top smartwatches to put on your wrist today? Then you are in luck as we have created a list and we have compared the top smartwatches available on today’s market!

The top smartwatches are more than just a way to get notifications from your smartphone on your wrist. These devices have to be everything rolled into one; a wallet, a fitness tracker, and even a phone.

Now let us discuss the features of these smartwatches and how they ended up in our list of the top 10smartwatches!

How do I Decide Between the Top Brands of Smartwatches?

Choosing a smartwatch is not that complicated. If you have an iPhone, then it is expected that you would select apple smartwatches, but if you have an android phone, then you could choose smartwatches that run in an Android operating system.

Even though Apple smartwatch could still work also if you have an Android smartphone, provided that you have a unique application to sync these devices, you will not get the same level of functionality as they do when connected to an Android phone. This is because Apple restricts the access of third-party devices to its iOS software. That is why we do not recommend iPhone users to buy any other smartwatch other than the Apple Watch.

Are Smartwatches Durable?

Having your smartwatch always on your wrist almost all the time makes it exposed to danger. It is easy to knock against things, and it could quickly get wet. But does this mean that you must be extra careful with your smartwatch? There are some smartwatches model that meet military standards for toughness, and it could actually withstand harsher treatments compared to other models.

While it is true that most of the smartwatches today are water resistant, not every model has sapphire crystal over its screen. Sapphire crystal adds an extra level of scratch resistance to the screen, and it also provides a beautiful reflective sheen, but it comes with a price.

Yes, it is sensible to treat your smartwatches with care, even though these come with extra levels of protection, but you should not take more attention than you would with a traditional watch.

Can My Smartwatch Use my Data Plan?

If your smartwatch connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, then all the data it may require will come from your phone without any extra charge. But if you have a smartwatch with 4G LTE, then this means that it has its own data connection and it can be used on its own without connecting it to your smartphone. It also means that it can make calls on its own, receive messages on its own, and more.

However, you will have to pay extra for this privilege. The amount you will pay will vary depending on your carrier and your current plan, but most of the mobile companies will charge you around $10 per month to enable your 4G LTE connection on your smartwatch.

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